Lighting a fire


More of less finished the struggle with the staircase, well at least made my peace with it.  Finished it off by rubbing sand into the corners after wearing down the treads a little.


I’ve been multi-tasking, or more truthfully, hopping from one job to another whilst the last one dries out, so there’s a mix of jobs in the next images.

Some of the lighting needs to go in at the same time as the wall covering.

The idea is to use the very large battery end of the fitment as an object on a shelf next to the chimney breast. – possibly as a plate or a non-working candle holder, but leaving easy access to the on/off switch for the fire.

theinfill blog – scratch build of eighteenth century scenes

One fire …
May leave this pan of potatoes on, or some other item. It needs a hanging kettle, perhaps, and I must dig out the trivet from where ever it’s hiding.

Will build the fireplace surround etc when have worked a little further across that back wall, but have, at last actually stuck down the staircase into its slot in the floor.


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  1. AMAZING progress! I absolutely ADORE your fireplace with the potatoes roasting over the fire!!!
    It’s incredibly realistic as are your well-worn stairs! 😀

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