Mostly cardboard


and lots of foam board too

Talking of foam board, I made an attempt to build a flight of stairs that would fit within the single room that makes up the ground floor.  I used some templates very kindly provided by stuwahacreations as part of their budget build dolls house.  I got glue everywhere and found that the glue gun (recommended for sticking the stair treads) just wouldn’t hold them down when I did it.  Got there, or nearly there, in the end but am trying to hide the whole structure with a strategically placed piece of seating 🙂

The glue found a friend

Stairs in the corner

When the ground floor room was first ‘built’ I’d included a hidden set of stairs, just using a corner turn threesome of steps in a doorway to give a hint of what was behind the dividing wall.  Having decided that the floor area is much too small, I’ve got rid of the dividing wall, thus making a full set stairs necessary.

Been applying eye makeup on very slightly damp surfaces of the various materials used for the panels, trying to get them to work together.  So far they don’t look too bad, but will reassess when sealant has been added.

What’s next after the staircase and panelling struggle?  Well, there needs to be a small fire in the near right-hand corner just beyond the settle and it probably needs working on now before it gets forgotten, plus, seeing as there is plenty of room in the same area upstairs, I probably need to make a smaller fireplace there too.

Meanwhile tomatoes to pick and blueberries to salvage before they drop off in this heavy rain – where’s my wellies?

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