A little one, so far


Baby goes to market

The only figure at this market that’s not homemade is a Nicky Bott 1:24 sturdy fellow.  I’ve kind of morphed him/her into a rather upright bairn, sitting under the baker’s stall and amusing itself with this and that.

The upper arms and hips needed pipe cleaners covered along with moulded footwear, hence the shawl over its feet which usefully givessome contrast to the bread and apple sitting there.  I’ve also added a breechclout, you might be pleased to know – to help cover the pipe cleaner hip joints mostly but to give something I use to could stitch the shawl in place.

The bonnet is a ‘U’ shape with the square (top) edge turned back, stitched in place and then all edges turned in and gathered round the curve.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - figures in conversation part two

Full scene of the threesome.

Still two figures and their accoutrements to do.  Posting now, while can as may get a bit diverted later in the week 🙂

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