Popping up here and there


A busy, busy time of year:  dotting around the garden (full size) and fretting about the tomato plants (also full size, or will be if they don’t fall over with fright from the swings between day and night-time temperatures).  Also dotting around the Market cross mini …

Using kits bought from “The Miniature Garden”

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - plant kits

Built another grass clump and ‘planted’ some buttercups too.

A little more ivy to make up and use along with another packet of the periwinkle and there’s still enough daisies and buttercups left to plant around and about.  Then it’ll be time to get those figures dressed and placed.

As the weather here is about to go downhill, I’d best start looking out for tomato plants tomorrow when we go shopping – just in case the ones grown from seed do finally give up; hey ho.

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  1. Love your mini plants and feel your concerns regarding your full-sized tomato plants as it sounds like the same conditions I’m dealing with here in western Canada.
    Meanwhile your mini trades-folk are already full of life and character and it will neat to eventually see them placed about the market stall.

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