Roof with pigeon(s)


and a little gardening

A mixed week of mini-ing and domestic with the odd walk inserted where possible on the windy days and enjoyed in lovely sunshine on others.

Shapes and profiles

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - homemade roof

Full roof needing some weeding? Lantern tower looks like an umbrella from here

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - homemade roof

Kit base with homemade roof atop. A layer cake of echoing shapes

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - homemade roof

While the roof weeds are still there, the pigeons are making a home

The gardening week

To knot off or trim the daff leaves back; did a mix and eventually got fed up of the mess and chopped the lot to about 4 – 6 inches.  It was essential as the next ‘crop’ coming along in our very small garden needed the air space.

With the recent hot days the prepared soil in the raised bed was just right so I got the tomatoes planted out in the small poly tunnel we’ve set on top of the bed and wished them all well, which, other than the usual plant maintenance, is about all you can do around here with the variability of the weather.

In the past we’ve known the odd bit of snow in June causing amazement at a village cricket match whilst the mix of night-time frosts with daytime temperatures in the early twenties for most of the growing period does tend to frighten the plants.  However, the resulting fruit is so good.  Or so I’m told as I can’t eat them any more (boo hoo) but they do smell good too.

There’s blossom on the apple trees and the old cherry, which thankfully, should only be experiencing rain today in place of yesterday’s forecast of a burst of hail in early afternoon.

Rain would, indeed, be good as the ground is so, so dry.

Back to the Market Cross

The ‘plan’ is to work my way downwards, so next up for work are the outer walls of the office which need wood beams of some shape or other along with any decoration I’ve got lying around; after that I’d like to see if there’s room to add a little trim on the lower edge of the office, directly over the market space below.  That should take most of next week, I should imagine.

Then we can go to market and set out the scene below.

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  1. As always , just love your eye for the smallest detail ~ love stepping inside your marvelous , miniature worlds .

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