Mock gothic-ing


I’m now having to take so many pills that I definitely rattle but I’m still working through the puzzle of the roof and lantern addition on the Market Cross building, all in the vague belief that something useful might come out of it 🙂

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - adding a lantern roof

They will sit at the top of each of the sections of the eight panelled main roof

Seven more windows to work on and then there will be the dormer sides needed where the smaller lantern roof sections meet up with the two larger ones; their windows are set lower down in the hope that they will throw more light in the room below.  Got a rough idea of how that should work – the fun is, of course, in having a go!

(Sorry about that last link but couldn’t resist the pull of nostalgia)

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  1. I hope the pills are doing some good. Having taken lots of pills for the past 30 years I am now being taken off most of them. What a relief!
    The lanterns are looking really good. You are so clever!

    • Afraid not so clever as all gone a little wonky but am working on it 🙂
      Pills are doing what they’re supposed to and, hopefully, some will disappear within the year when the stent has become ‘naturalised’ as it were to the environment. It sounds like a great relief after 30 yrs – phew!

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