The gentle art of guestimating


Taking the plunge with the roof

So far the roof is held precariously together with masking tape and keeps falling off.

I had to start some time, there was no getting away from it so I stuck my hopes on a particular method of tackling it and began by joining the three side sets of roofing in their threesome by gluing paper strips internally, making tight paper hinges.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

Sections held together with masking tape before the glueing with strips of paper

Once the glue and paper taping had replaced the masking tape it left the joined pieces fairly flexible so they could be seated on the wall heads and adjusted.

I wanted to line these sections and add dividing beams and was a little undecided which way to go about it as the work completed on one task might hinder access to another.  I’m not using the actual kit pieces for the roofing but why not go with the method as described in the Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit which wants the roof built and offered up to the building as one piece?  That should work as long the roof and joints aren’t too fragile in cardboard and it remains removable after each addition and fitting.  I think I can get away with it while the roof structure is so adjustable at the joints.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

Three sections each side and one higher section between.

Then checked that they would still flex at the paper joints.

Checked once more that the roof so far will fit, left it seated on the wall heads, taped in place so that the glue used so far could harden off a little more and hopefully stay more or less in the shape needed.

A little time later

Made sure that the whole roof structure was still removable and no dripping glue had made itself useful in the wrong place.  Then set about paper and glue taping the other raised roof section in order to complete the main roof shape of eight pieces.

Left to settle a few hours and once more checked that the whole roof would still come free and hold together.

Left to dry out, still making sure the roof is still free to move and then glued paper strips on the outer face of the roof joints to help firm up the roof structure further.  Once fairly happy with that I left the whole arrangement to dry out once more.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

Sitting in place, drying off and beams still to be added between each section.

Problems working this way?

So far not too bad (fingers crossed).  The only itchy problem is using the sheet flooring.  It annoys me a little because it should be continuous boarding between beams to support the outer roof surface but, of course, there are floating ends of wood in each section where a board comes to and end and a new one begins.  Not important in any way but it does make my fingers itch so 🙂

Next up is to check the removable wall at the other end and see if it still fits and adjust as needed, followed by removing the whole hopefully more or less completely dry roof and adding the inner beams between each section, cross beams to the inner face of the top of each wall and some wood strip trim around the hole in the centre.

Thereafter?  Thinking of adding the small lantern roof before attaching the work done so far in place.  Thinking about it.

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