Feet back on the ground


and stop messing about

Fun as it is to work on the cheap LED lighting string, it can’t be said to be getting the job done.  So now for plan … erm, whatever is the letter of the alphabet we’ve reached?  Plan E, perhaps.

Trying out roof possibilities once more

Just for a little more light on a mostly closed roof.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

Rather a large hole left for a lantern finish to the roof.  Possibly an oversized version of the lantern on top of the Yarn Market building in Dunster

I continued to work on the LED string but felt time was slipping by hence a rethink on the roof shape.  Hoping that a large central lantern shape will give enough added daylight to pick out the detail storage inside once the lid is on the room.

Using non-kit items.  Temporarily taped 2mm card for centre of a roof sandwich with horizontally set wood flooring as a lining on the inner face and tiling on the outer should stiffen it up and be much less weight than the beautifully cut kit MDF sections.

Next decision

To put a central pillar in going up to the little hat there’ll be on the lantern roof or to do without and keep the sightlines clear?

Off to exercise class, back soon.



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