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In the here-and-now

Another sunny day but the wind is ‘blow you away’ strength.  Indoors some playing around with the current build is still going on.

It really is playing around.  Am experimenting (again) with one of those strings of LED lights you can buy, I’ve taken the thoughts a little further, after getting help to bore a whole through the many cloying/sticking and dense layers of MDF that make up the floor/ceiling of the kit.

Why?  Because it was there?  It’s cheaper than purpose-made LED lighting?  To waste time and thus not work on the roof?

Any and all is probably the honest answer; but it had struck me when I balanced a piece of card across the roof wall heads of the office space that it might be ‘nice’ to have sunlight seeping in from under the eaves to help light it up.  It would save having to fiddle around with a battery candlestick right down the other end of the room.  Hopefully the wall head light will spill upwards and light the pointy beamwork (which I’m so carefully avoiding).

Then, if the string of lights could be teased down below, it could help illuminate some of the roof beams over the market too.

Not sure if it’s worth the effort of masking the lights sufficiently so it doesn’t look like the Christmas Fairy is paying a visit and still allow enough light through to do the job, but I think I’m at least going to give it a try.

So, let’s work out some form of masking.  I think I once had a possible solution for the upstairs row of lights as I’ve carefully put aside certain pieces of wood etc, but as it’s so long since I did work it out that I’ve no clear idea of what the ______ it was.  For below in the market there’s still some brooding to be done.  Straws?  Who knows

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