Cardboard, cardboard and cardboard


Dolls House Emporium Market Cross

I set myself the task, after finishing Nostalgia Close, to use up as much of the materials and items I’ve already got to hand rather than going out of my way to buy more.

Personalising the Market

Having chickened out of using the proper pieces for the walls and roof because I couldn’t manage the weight, and instead tried out a mix of foamboard walls and card roof, I’ve now gone totally cardboard and started the walls.  I couldn’t cut the foamboard cleanly enough and its thickness reduced the amount of decoration I might like to add to the edge of the platform that supports the room.

Instead I’m making sandwiches of 2-3 mm card with thin decorated card on each face for the inner and outer look and lots of wood strip here and there in my usual hope of keeping the sandwich from warping.  It’s a technique I used on the top two storeys of Hogepotche Hall and so far, touch what ever talisman you fancy, nothing seems to have shifted.


I see this as the office of the market supervisor/beadle or general bossy-boots, with a low roof and lots of corners to store the necessaries of his job so the idea is to have some variation in what is added to the inner face of each wall.

Opening and closing

In the kit the reveal is through removing the roof of the building but I’m working towards making the tall wall above arch and stairs (and the dormer roof that will be there) removable and have built in a slot on the platform for the wall.  This pov down the length of the room is going to govern what I put where on each wall to give what seems at the time to be the best view.  A desk and chair will be under the window at the other end where the second, fixed flat dormer will be placed.

I’m imagining tiling the upper section of the vertical wall of these two tall walls so that the line of tile more or less ends level with the sloping tiled roof sections.

Other decision made is re lighting.  Will probably go for a battery light or two but not the decorative string I first had in mind.

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