By special request


The street lights

These two are standard (no pun intended) ones that you can buy from various places and have an outline shape that is most like the gas lights I remember.  They are both LED battery lights.

I’m moaning about them because I haven’t yet worked out the most suitable use of one or the other.  They are well-made lights that really do their job as advertised.  I’m just fussing around, is all.

The biggly one

I should have made the pavement much, much bigger as there’s no way of getting round this safely on foot. I mean, we used to put an arm round one and swing out and around it but it definitely left somewhere for folk to walk past.  Did I know it was this wide at the base when I bought it?  Afraid I didn’t notice that measurement, only the height which was ideal.

The little-y one

The smaller one does sort of look OK but I hadn’t bargained for putting it on the wall as it seems very out of character with the houses of this style that I knew.  It makes the lamp look as though it is an outsized private bit of lighting, set up to annoy the neighbours, don’t you think.  If it gets used here I wouldn’t put the tubing on it but leave it thin.

End of kvetch.

The idea had been that, when viewing the house from the back and peering around down the length of what’s left of next door, you would be able to see the light shining through what’s left of that facade and it would add a bit of ‘life’ and further atmosphere to the scene of destruction.

I suspect I’m much nearer deciding not to use either of them and do without external illumination.


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  1. Thanks for posting the two different lamps. I don’t like the one on the post, doesn’t look right. The other one is better, but as you say, restricts walking. I really like the idea of the light shining through the facade. Pleas try to work on that idea some more, it is terrific!

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