All dandelion-ed out


Poddling along today with the remains of the dandelion kits, the first from Templewood Miniatures I started on yesterday, and then made a start with the second from The Miniature Garden.  I was determined to try and get my hands to do what I had in mind and what the instructions quite plainly told me to do but am afraid it’s still a bit of a mixed bag of results.  I’d made such a mess yesterday with the delicate kit but still had some odd elements left which I’ve bullied into some sort of floral shape (apologies to the designer of the originals) and made a stab at the other design, though the heads have come out more like a marigold than a dandelion due to my inability to stop glue spread.  On the whole, planting them in amongst other items or sticking out of walls higher up might just work.

Getting all flowered up


Also from The Miniature Garden, I found what I’ve done of it so far very restful indeed.  A bit of painting, some flower head scoring and further gluing and painting, very pleasant.  Also got round to scoring the beautifully shaped leaves too.  So next chance to sit and build plants it’ll be putting the flowers, stems and leaves together.

Why do the plants now
when the scene is not yet complete?

Fair enough question.  Generally the intention is that the plant life will help to encourage the flow of the eye over the many elements of this large area.

Dandelions and rosebay willow herb at ground level have let me see the shape of the nooks and crannies that can be created and that might benefit from the odd toy or cat or clump of long grass.

The convolvulus is another matter.  It needs to wrap around and climb up other growing items.  Once I get a feel for the height and shape of this plant and what can be done with it then it’ll be clearer where the odd bush possibly needs placing, how the fireplace higher up might get involved.  Or maybe it needs to grow around the props that hold up the remains of the frontage, as they are already there, and it can wind around them, and the ivy plant (a packet not yet opened) can easily climb anywhere without the need for shrubs or other supports.

For me they’re all part of building the shape rather than ornamentation, so possibly part of tomorrow or the day after will be convolvulus day.


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  1. Your dandilions will look perfectly at home in all of the rubble either singeling or as a group. I’m sure that making them was a restful interlude however installing them should prove to be exciting!

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