Not so much a semi

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1930s house in approximately 1959(ish)

more a totally detached

My get-out for building the other semi to match the house is to make next door a partially ameliorated bomb casualty.  Harsh, I know, but fair I reckon, as I’m not getting any younger and another two years of building a similar house really doesn’t appeal.  Besides which building evidence of what is no longer there will definitely provide some fun imagining the possibilities and of course getting messy in the trying.

Next door

So far I’ve made a corner bit of the bay for next door to give a flavour of the frontage and have just added a couple of bits of extra ‘ground’ so that the odd raking shore or two and rubble can have somewhere to sit.  The MDF pieces, hacked off a sheet of the same depth as the base of the main house, are glued and pegged in place and have further anchoring with a piece of strip wood forming part of the wall support above. This  added ground level could have done with being that little bit deeper.  I limited its size to make it less likely to get in the way when moving the slice of house around but misjudged it by about a couple of centimetres I think.

A clash with what’s likely

I’d also like to have a hint of bits of wallpaper flapping about along with the odd fireplace etc and I think I will go along with that, despite having set the main house build as ending at 1959, when most bomb damaged gable ends would probably have been tidied up, cemented over or even in-filled with a new build.  A bit of leeway and licence for the imagination – I won’t tell if you won’t.

So far I’ve added a 5 cm foam board sheet with a much thinner one outlining where the joint chimney flues run, all mounted on lots of strip wood for support and some rigidity.  Probably should have made the main piece thin foam board too, but wanted to give depth to the ‘homeless’ fireplace bits that I’d like to add.

Next up is the smaller part of the gable towards the back of the house that laps under the front slice edge.  Not quite got anything cut out for that yet.

Am thinking, once both parts of the gable end are in place, of facing them with a mix of brick, wood and render; will see how it feels on the day.

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