Sculptures in paper


I’m slow on finding things out so I’ve only just come across the items shown in the recent posting by “Tulsa Tiny Stuff“, a blog that is:

A place to share ideas and thoughts about miniatures, scale models, architecture and display my collections of Tynietoy, Strombecker, Tootsietoy, Halls, Kage, Kilgore &; Arcade cast iron, and a few other antique miniature finds and projects.

The costumes from paper

are not just beautifully detailed but the fall of ‘fabric’ that can be achieved with the materials used by Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave are breathtaking.  The fabric prints and the moulding to shape are quite, quite delicious, and I’m talking full-sized items here, I think, judging from the photos of exhibits in the Oklahoma Museum of Art where “Tulsa Tiny Stuff” were visiting.

Well worth a look but allow yourself plenty of time to dream!


The painting shown on the paper is exquisite.

There is also a 48 minute interview with Isabelle de Borchgrave at

Must rush off, am in middle of making yogurt and the timer just went off!!!!


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