Waiting on the postman


We were lucky, we now have water to the village, but still no real rain.  I suspect that is the same for most of us in the UK at the moment.

What I don’t have yet are some of the items needed to be able to trot on with the present mini tasks.  But it’s getting there, that is the project and hopefully also the parcels of goodies.

The water tank and plumbing

Over done the detail a bit, do you reckon?  Most certainly made siting it in place a contortionist’s delight 😀

The rest of the space and where it is

Either the house inhabitants are big water users or the tank looks over-sized because we don’t usually view one at the same time as beds, chairs and other the other bits of life’s furniture and dressings.

As you can see, this storage space is at the top of one of the inner faces from where the slice has been removed.  On the left we can just about make out the girl’s bedroom and the beginning of the entrance hallway below it.

Tomorrow, with luck, the water effect may arrive, then, once that’s set enough, the tank can finally be wrestled into place.

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