Time to install the water tank


Third, and last, attic space

We’ve just had a little rain here ‘up north’, not enough but thankfully not too much.  I understand from the general weather forecast that the south and west in the UK is about to have a deluge; not good.

A dry tale
plans for a water tank, but no water

Over the last day and a half most of the village has had no water supply and here I am, set on doing my next mini task of building the water tank!  Unfortunately the river is so low I don’t think I could have scooped up a bucket or two for the essentials.

I’d been putting off this min-ing job as there was so many other things needing attention and had allocated today to get at it as it were – I am such a sucker for a timetable.

It’s an unfortunate coincidence that the water had ceased to run here just as I was determined to at last give the tank building a go.  Stupidly refusing to be totally deterred, I’ve ended up being wasteful of baby wipes instead of water using them to clean my hands and have been reusing brushes and everything else whenever possible.  At the end I stood the brushes and bits of sponge in approximately half an egg cup of the water that we had been hoarding over the last 24 hours or so from the hot water cistern .

Where is this third space?

It’s directly above the boys’ bedroom.

The door we’re looking through, its wall and bit of floor are attached to the slice of house and the bits of other attic we can just about make out are the wireless room and bit of its ceiling and the very edge of the space that houses the stirrup pump and broken jack-in-the-box.

Tank and room

I’ve gone for a galvanised and riveted tank something like this image from a reclamation site.

theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - attic #3

Not got any water effect left that hasn’t gone solid so have just order some to ‘pour’ over the false bottom to give a water level. Must remember to insert the ballcock before pouring the water effect.
Still got the supporting framework to make, and all the plumbing to add but this is it so far, rivets, rust and all 🙂

On the real world domestic water front, we have been very lucky and the engineers were able to fix the pumping equipment early this afternoon (bore hole supply) and we now have running water once more.

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