Box room or room box


Lots of bits done but a little hard to describe.

In the belief that it would make more sense if I work from the end result here is one of the more complete bits I’ve been working on.

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The first attic space, the one with the wardrobe and wireless, has a bit chopped off because of the slice of house.
This remaining section I’ve sort of dedicated to memorabilia, such as ration books, helmets and the no longer needed cot.

The riddle goes as follows

Now, one could say that this is what used to be described as a box room but, because I’ve still got an itch to be able to get at some of the hard-wired electrics, I’ve also made it as a slot in room box.  I chose this way of doing it rather than creating a removable section in the roof slope to get access.

The slot-in spot

Once I’ve checked again and doubled checked once more, I’m heading towards sticking down the roof slope over it, hoping to get it to match the half of front slope already in place.

Between times, if my never won’t let me glue down that piece of roof yet, I’ve the other attic space, through the doorway, to decorate and dress.  Plenty to nibble on.

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