Well here we are …


This piece was going have the catchy title “Edge dressing, problem tackling with a little decorating thrown in” but somehow it never happened.

Here we are aptly describes what I’m up to, I think.  I do have most of the bits to hand for the rest of it but life got in the way and all I’ve got to show is the beginnings of the attic room over the loose slice of the house. The decorating, edging, flooring etc was going to begin here.  It was, indeed begun …

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but this is as far as it got.

Can’t do much of the head tipping back and forth or side to side needed in order to go on with it at the moment, and there’s going to be a lot of it needed to sort out the slope and its support beams etc.  Am thinking of swapping out one of the work tables for a lower surface and I’ll see how I go from there.

Back when the furniture rearrangement is complete and I’ve gained a little more of my equilibrium 😀

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