Diving in


Things I must keep in mind

  • 1:12 scale dolls house/model accessible at two points:
    (1) traditional hinged (piano hinges) for back section;
    (2) removable section of house consisting of sitting room/master bedroom/attic area referred to as the slice of cake.
  • Ensure that the detachable electrical connections to the slice of cake remain unhindered by any gluing etc.
    The sitting room is wired to an extension that can be plugged into the main body of the house, while the master bedroom is all LED battery lights.

Roof area work


(a)  Maintain the independence of the slice of cake once the roof is complete.
This requires allowing the slice to ‘carry’ its own section of the roofing

Attic sections in the roof space:

  • one over boys bedroom – direction of viewing — head on
  • one over master bedroom – direction of viewing — from the long side of slice
  • possible third over small bedroom at front – direction of viewing —  undecided, either from long side or short front area as either could be available when the slice of cake moves out

(b)   Use as many of the external design features of the original photo as is physically possible
(c)   Achieve a good working compromise between (a) and (b)

The Ridge

theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - ceilings and roofing

Deciding to build one of a pair of semis shortens the tasks-to-do but really hampers the perspectives.  Being a pair, the whole balance of the roofing design is in their joint ridge. Take one half away and you have what looks sadly like an abandoned block of cheese.  I do have hazy memories of some houses in the 50s looking this way due to bomb damage so am using the absent ‘next door’ as the remains of a mostly cleared bomb site.  Which is all well and good but doesn’t make the truncated roof look any the better as I try to home-in on the most favourable looking proportions.

The main decision making revolves around the angle of the roof.  Most photos of houses are taken from the point of view of a human being standing on a pavement, and relatively close to the building, thereby foreshortening what can be seen of the roof slopes.  This period of roof slope should probably be about a 40° but on this 1:12 dolls house, that works out to be something like a 10″ ridge height throwing everything out of balance – it then has the appearance of the abandoned cheese wearing a very large hat.

Only thing to do was consult the in-house housing surveyor.  Yes, I have one onboard as it were.  After discussion we agreed that if I measure the full height of the house sans roof and halve it then all commonsense says that that’s what you work with.  It does mean that in this case the angle of the main slope is only about 30° because the house is very deep from front to back but, hey ho, we can’t have everything.

Still looks a bit like a piece of cheese with a borrowed hat but, if I have a go at the up-titled-curved-edge-to-the-roof thing at least I can give it a hat brim 🙂


To-date have only worked on the frontage and not fixed any of the parts so the whole thing is relying on tape and no sudden movements.

theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - ceilings and roofing

Still working out the little triangular bit over the bay. Haven’t yet produced satisfactorily shaped pieces to hold it in place.
Also need to trim the overhang across some of the front.

Back to that triangle and its supports.  Also have to work out what happens at its outer edge there when there’s no longer the triangle’s twin sitting next to it providing a valley gutter.  Next, assuming the triangle stops fighting me, I might stick down the ridge support wall and the half gable shape so that I can start work on the back.

However, am going to have to start using a ladder to reach over everything – I foresee yucky times ahead for at least one small, old, dizzy body.  Definitely an onwards and upwards moment 😀

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