Can’t find them


While still waiting for the new greenery/brown-ary to dry out, I reckoned it would be a great time to do the odd jobs, such as adding a small triangular porch covering to the side door and perhaps building some of the long wall up the side path.

These items I’ve had ready and waiting since the front wall was built and they were housed in a very logical and obvious place, awaiting their turn.

I repeat – can’t find them.

In the place where the tray of wall pillars and porch should be (that is along with these other ones) there is nothing.

Move on

Not to worry, I’ve started making the side porch again and, once that’s built and in place it’s bound to bring out the runaway items.  I’m more concerned about the missing brick pillars for the wall.  They were made to exactly the same dimensions as the front wall ones and took forever to dry out.  Here’s hoping.

Any sudden appearances?

No – nothing, so I’ve taken to thinking about the missing next door house as this, after all, is supposed to be a semi-detached.

Next door

This is the 1950s and I’m going to imagine that next door was damaged during the war.  I remember many sites that were sitting derelict throughout my childhood and, in London, as late as 1970, so this can be one of them.  I would like some indication of the missing house, rather than a tidied up site, despite the year supposedly being 1959 which would have given plenty of time for it to be cleaned up in a residential area – indulge me 😉

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Just happened to have a spare bay window that I could hack about and have inserted it in what will be jagged brickwork, I think. There will be a little bit of floor behind it as well as in front but mostly the party wall will show the other remains of what was; bits of wallpaper, chimney breast, fireplace, plasterwork … perhaps the odd toy




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  1. don’t ya just hate that!? I loose stuff that I’ve put away for easy retrieval, all the time, and it usually re-surfaces after I’ve given up and found a replacement.
    I think that your idea of a missing house is such a unique and interesting one as a further addition to this build and I look forward seeing how and what you’ll do- sound like Fun! 😀

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