On step up and one step down


A little relevant action

A mini-ing choice resolved itself today.  It had been brewing and stewing away for a couple of weeks. Nothing earth shattering, but a very necessary job to hide the lighting run as it leaves the house.  It became one of those decisions that hangs around when you’re making something from scratch and you’ve reached a point where you have to start sharing some of the choices (however unwillingly) with the construction itself.

The house wanted a step up to raise the coal bunker/garden cubby hole structure, which was fine, but it didn’t give me any hints on what happened after that as it turned the corner to the back face.  The step where the wiring comes out is quite wide so a platform should look OK and add interest with a change in levels.  The back, however is barely half an inch wide; – keep it the same height as the step; not bother with a step; make it a slightly lower step?

The work-around

The next problem that needs to solve itself is the section of wall that closes the kitchen and bathroom above.  It needs to remain removable.  So many possible adjustments there, but it also involves items that are going to be balancing on that narrow back ledge of garden. However the next job is grouting everything done today and make some more paving slabs.

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    • It’s dreadful isn’t it? I’ve tried the screw down blocks so as to avoid the silly little plugs but have gone back to the dratted plug system. Not tried the copper tape/pin ‘thing’ so far and it would certainly be neater than this spaghetti I’ve left. I’m always so worried that I’ll cut away too much wire and will be left having to add either an extension of rewire the light!

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