The coal bunker

Needing a break from all that walling, I started to play with some of the scraps of greyboard lying around.  I need a hidey-hole for the electronics – am using two short six plug switched units.  Decided that a flat-topped coal bunker would do the trick, placed just outside the side entrance to the house for easy use on rainy days when you’re the one sent out for more fuel.

Sizing up the job

Although the controls are small, they still need a bunker of unusual size, so if we put a dividing wall in (needed to help support the card sides) and imagine we  have coal at one end and storage for the smaller gardening tools at the other it might look OK.  It has the added benefit of giving something of interest to look at from both front and back views of the side path.

It will be a sealed unit that can be lifted up to access the electrics, though am thinking of putting plant pots etc on the flat top.

The path itself will be raised up slightly to allow any stray wiring to sit comfortably underneath.

Story so far

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Gardening side of the double bunker, now with the lid on.
I don’t plan to do anything further with it until the house cladding is on and the path is down, I think, as it will be easier to assess what’s needed then.
I’m now thinking a milk bottle mini crate my look well on top there too, perhaps.

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  1. A great idea and I like the idea of a garden tool store at one end with coal at the other. I can envisage a cat lolling across the top. Perhaps that’s born of memories of our lazy old tomcat who thought that catching mice could be forgotten if he was too high up to notice them scuttling across the yard.

    • What a great idea! Though I do have rather a large number of animals (particlarly cats) around this house build, I can just see one of those head down peering over cats with its bum in the air and looking down at one of the doorways in the bunky …

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