Science and foolish goings-on


Trying to defy gravity and avoid warp

The time has come (when time actually allows) to prepare the remains of the outer face of the building prior to checking all the levels for the upstairs ceilings.  Why is the outer face going to make any difference to the ceilings?  Well, I’ll tell you – the levels have been checked constantly but I’m hoping that with a bit of fiddling around that any oddities that might be lurking may be aided by the outer shell top edge if necessary.  It’ll possibly make more sense as it goes along, I hope.

The gravity and the warp ‘thing’

Well, they go hand-in-hand as I want to clad the outer faces, or at least the very long one up the side of the semi and wish to add a sheet of greyboard as the outer skin.  Trying to build in many lightweight layers of different materials so that any individual attempts on their part to bend and flex with time and temperature will be slowed down by the attempts of their neighbours in the sandwich to do likewise, but in a differing manner.

The sandwich

  • The main structure is built with foamboard with wood strip lengths set down and across the inside
  • The internal decoration is mostly fixed to mountboard affixed to that wood strip
  • Externally I’m now attaching bits of wood strip here and there making it look not unlike an unpainted timber frame I suppose
  • Then the gravity defiance has to happen as greyboard sheets are attached to said external wood strip

So we have mountboard to wood strip to foamboard, and now we’re getting more wood strip to the outer face of the foamboard upon which will be greyboard.

Equals sandwich – and an outside chance of giving the building a finished looking face.

As you can see from first two photos there are three windows and a door to be cut out of the next sheet.

Yes, I did do measurements for the door and still got it wrong, but the wet paint plus measurements have resulted in a neat fit around the window cills and along the faces of the windows.

Not just greyboard?

The dream is that the lower half of these walls is brick, the upper white rough-cast and I’m hoping to face the window and door reveals in each material according to which floor they’re on.

Stuck now as have run out of the greyboard but it is on its way.

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