A Dollhouse Rescue


Caught a little at the moment in domestic affairs but came across this interesting transformation and thought I might pass it on.

Susannah Talley, writer, interior designer, artist … was caught up in the maelstrom of life, downsizing, family illness etc when she came across a modern dollhouse sitting in a pile of trash:  this article in The Cut has, amongst images of her downsizing, a few photos of the dollhouse.

I’m particularly fascinated by what I take to be a photo wrap-around, containing images of herself and her late husband seated with corner bookshelves between, which adds an extra ‘couple of feet’ as it were to the perspective/size of the room.  Intriguing …

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  1. Thank you! That was a very interesting and inspiring read.

    I am having problems getting into DHP&P – my own fault for saying things had improved, I suppose! Will try again later today, but thanks for your message there, will attempt to read it in full and reply but, apparently, i don’t have permission to access my messages just now.

    • Now there’s a thing! It does have its moods and vagaries doth it not? Mostly I was burbling about the wonders of the Haynes manual entitled “1930s House Manual”. I found it v inspiring and useful and very memory lane-ish 🙂

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