Press-studs a-go-go


or one side of a pair at least, please

Almost all my adult life I’ve had a button collection.  Boxes, bottles and tubs filled with them.  I’ve acquired them, sometimes in bits and pieces and occasionally in whole, giant sweety jars.  We had a collection at home when we were children – boxes to sort and play with on rainy days and hunt through for a match when a button had gone missing.  There were always cards of hooks and eyes and also of press-studs as well.  Much of our clothing seemed to need the use of a hook and eye or two or a press-stud – often enough at the neck or cuff to make a neat closure on a garment.  When was the last time you tried fastening one of these pairs of items using only one hand 🙂 ?

Suddenly I need press-studs for the dolls house and I can’t lay my hands on a single one – not even the wrong half of a press-stud.

I’ve searched and searched for a couple of weeks and not a single sighting.

So I decided to plough ahead using what ever caught my eye.

But first, why did I want them?  Well, the bath and wash basin have a miniscule hole for imaginary drainage and are in need of a little trim and I’d like the bath at least to have an overflow.


Of course, once I’d given up on the press-stud hunt, I came across one.  However it was square so I tried again and lo-and-behold I find some rather small ones.  In no position to be too picky I’ve used them in the bath, or at least one side out of a couple of pairs.


While ‘off’ doing the necessities of life I’d had a great idea for the bathroom shelf construction, found the items and bagged them.  Don’t know where they are now and can’t remember what it was that I’d decided on for the brackets.

I’m off on another hunt around the Potting Shed – see you when I surface.

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  1. When I was a little girl, I would go visit my great grandmother during the summers and she Always had a button box filled with the most amazing buttons, which she would let me play with. Because of that memory, I’ve had a great fondness for buttons ever since, so your story about boxes, bottles and jars filled with old buttons really resonated with me.
    As did not finding exactly what you needed when you needed it.
    Even so your overflows and drains look really good!

    • Thanks and thanks also for your own memories of button sorting and playing too. I must actually sort out what I still have, want to keep and will have to pass on they are in a sorry mess at the moment!

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