Drifting along


I’ve always had this ‘thing’ going with driftwood, for instance the ship’s name board that we collected in a cove at the base of the cliff close by our first home up here.  Very uninteresting you may think but that got used as a false floor in my first car so that I could reach the pedals and have my heels on the new floor.  Try driving for more than five minutes with your legs permanently waving in the air and you’ll know how much I appreciated that piece of drift wood.  More often than not the examples I collect are the small twisted pieces that I find irresistible as they are so full of movement and life,asking to be used in some way or another.

You can imagine my pleasure when I came across the work of James Doran-Webb today as he builds the most exquisite sculptures with driftwood of varying sizes, some twisted some less so.

He says that he goes to

“extraordinary lengths to get my sculptures out into the wild to orchestrate a perfect, natural shot.  …”

even though the sculpture(s) may weigh 500 kg

I hesitate to copy over any images from his website but would like to recommend you have a look.

The covers of his exhibition catalogues are very beautiful and full of the life and energy of his design. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂


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  1. Absolutely amazing! It’s incredible to see such jaw dropping talent and vision. One wonders why and how he saw it as a means of self-expression.
    Finding “treasures” transformed by water is delightful and mystifying. They seem so gently shaped. All the rough bits are gone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t possibly manage walking with my head down without injuring myself.

    • Please don’t go falling over! Falling over I know about I can tell you so there’s no need for further experiment. The bits I tend to pick up I’ve usually spotted from some distance and have focused on as approaching. These days most of my ‘finds’ are confined to weathered pieces in the hills around us 🙂

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