A touch of would-be tiling


‘Tis the season …

Been batch baking and stew mix freezing while trying to work out what food/stores we need to buy over the next few days and weeks without having to elbow our way through the seasonal mayhem.  Slotted in between cooking times there’s been so much sponge painting work for the miniature bathroom that almost everywhere but my nose has worn the various shades and I would not be too surprised if the next batch of muffins and a little of the stew don’t have the odd blob of pink or black paint hidden within them.  Yummy!

It’s very pink
with black contrasts

The essential hidey-hole

To hide the wiring and wiring extensions running down and out of the building, the bathroom needs an airing cupboard that holds the linen and covers up the wiring spaghetti.

Glue should be sufficiently dry to start adding the shelf splats needed in there and then the whole workings will need offering up to the room for any further fitting.  Then it needs a chest/box type arrangement adding at the bottom to cover over one of the lighting extension sockets.  Am also going to try out a mesh covering there and possibly drape some loose linen on it instead rather than an uninteresting box ‘thing’ – see what that looks like too.

And just in case I end up glued to the cupboard or stuck in the mixing bowl or even flattened in the supermarket crush and don’t get free before next Monday, may I wish you all a really good, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and New Year season.

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  1. Your vintage airing cupboard is now a luxury feature for the majority of dollhouses these days. It’s looking good so far, and I agree that it is a great solution for hiding the wiring.

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