The long blank wall(s)


After the first posting done today, a reblog of some magnificent work from “A Beautiful World“, I hesitate to post any of my scrabblings around, but here goes with today’s update before I totally chicken out.

Long, closing walls
in the main piece of cake

For the ground floor sitting room, the closing wall for the hallway has a large framed photo as well as the sitting room doorway to break up the flatness of the wallpaper.  For the upper landing, the wall is longer and I fancied something different to break up the span.

A piece of ‘floating’ furniture perhaps?

Before that wall can go up I need to know what weight it might have to carry other than the ceiling.  Having decided against yet another picture my next fancy was for a three-leafed dressing screen actually attached to the wall so that it floated when the slice of cake wasn’t there.  I got it all built along with its own bit of flooring to brace it but couldn’t shake off the worry that when the slice of cake comes back it may well miss knocking the screen off on entry but that the strong money was on it definitely making contact on the way out again.

Not attached to the wall then.

Think I’ve settled the screen, which I’d still like to use and the wall dressing too by a slightly different means.

Think I’m going to put a dwarf wall behind the screen, overlapping and matching the long wall to give the screen extra stability.  The nice dark plush fabric representing a robe will be visible around the mini wall and will face the viewer when viewing the slice of cake (the whole room block) separately.

Overall, though not a lot fo dressing to the blank wall it may well do 😉

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