Dressing table by cheatery


Master bedroom

This room is very definitely a 1:12 affair. Will be using some 1:16 bits for chests of drawers because I particularly like them, but otherwise there’s so much room to play with generally.

There are some lovely vintage dressing tables around but all the ones I’ve come across are too small.  I had thought about giving them a booster plinth but they would probably have looked too narrow.

Not able to build from scratch, I’ve resorted to my usual butchery of pre-made pieces.


  • Two bedside drawer units – lots of places sell these exact ones
  • Drawer section of a bookcase – not the actual one here which was floor standing, but the small wall unit with three drawers gives an example of the original positioning of the drawer section on the larger one I used
  • Mirror card
  • Perspex for glass top to central section.  I’ve used a floppy one as there’s no great weight to go on it but a thicker one would be better
  • Scrap wood and card for supports here and there
  • Sandpaper/stripper to remove varnish, wood colourings of choice

Now onto the linen box for in here and the clothes horse for the boys’ room.



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  1. That wide based dressing table is perfect for the period of this house. I had a similar one, inherited from a great aunt when I was a teenager. Fortunately, my room was 20′ by 22′ and my riding my scooter round the bedroom days were over, but it still seemed huge!

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