One man and his dog


No sheep involved

Slept badly and filled in down-time by looking for something from year’s ago on own site (how sad can one get?) and came across this piece from five year’s ago.

My first dressed figure, butchered from a bought in standard chap for whom I’ve still got a soft spot and thought I’d share him with you once again.

Anyone at home 1 – the build of a Falstaffian figure, perhaps

I hope you enjoy him – and his dog 🙂

— ~ —

Bit more awake

Now I think I know what day it is and have, more or less, got myself together, here are a few of the original photos that didn’t make the first cut and which might explain better the description of his clothes and face alterations.  I’d had the doll for some time, partially messed about by me (changing the body shape, giving him hair) and hadn’t had the nerve to finish him.  But having done one or two others that had been less drastically altered, I finally jumped in and sorted this one out.


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