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The wallpaper saga

I ended on a wallpaper quandary (yes, I’m still brooding about the bathroom fixtures too).  Meantime there’s the drama of the dining room dilemma.

After failing to find a further supply of the paper, great thought was expended and, of course, the obvious solution was staring me in the face.

The slice of cake action of opening up the house meant that one wall of the dining room decor would come and go with the slice of sitting room etc.  It would never be viewed along with the rest of the room it belongs to.  (Other than through the dining room window by a keen doll’s house enthusiast, perhaps.)

I had, however, and for some reason I can no longer recall, already made up the wallpapered card for that moveable wall …

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and, as it wasn’t yet attached to the slice of house, I’d been using it as a background for the sideboard choices

Hack it about a bit

Left with the whole of the chimney wall and its recesses to decorate, with a little judicious cutting I could get two recess walls and one chimney return wall out of the, as yet unused, slice of house cake wall.  There was just enough paper left of full length to cover the other return wall, so that would leave the chimney breast wall itself.

How big a fireplace can I make
without falling into too old a style?

Well, I’d always wanted to make the fireplace in the dining room look a little older in fashion than the sitting room and bedrooms whilst reflecting a house built in 1930 – perhaps a little Deco mock Tudor-ish perhaps and to have a ‘modern’ electric fire inset in the tiling of the fireplace – you know the ones, they’re usually flush tiled in dark green or a really rich deep red or a startling blue.

An overgrown fireplace

This style of construction gives me a large wall coverage, leaving very little left that demands paper.  Even though the remaining area for papering is small, there were only little pieces left of the paper and it needed two bits to cover it.

I could have continued with wood instead right to the ceiling, but felt it made it too dark and perhaps too Victorian looking.  The join in the paper annoys me, but we’ll see.  If the worst comes to the worst I can feel a large plate or wide, but short photo is likely to go up there.

Outcome so far

So that solves the wallpaper problem on the main walls.  Now, the slice of cake section of house needs ‘clothing’ on the dining room wall that travels with it – probably use some marbled paper and the same border at the top.

I’d meant to add a smaller ledge lower down than the mantle shelf here.  May still do that, but the upper one may have plates, or ornaments and vases.

I’ve been very lucky with this – well, until it falls apart tomorrow or the next day.  It’s taken about a day’s worth of concentration done in two shifts, except for the electric fire.  That’s been ‘cooking’ for a couple of months, thinking about what materials I had, looking at the genuine articles both full size and vintage dolls house items too.  We’ll see just how long it takes it to fall apart, but, for the moment I’ll let it all dry and stick the wall and it’s decoration in place and see how it really looks.



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  1. You are enormously creative and you always come up with some very clever solutions which make me chuckle and keep me tuned in to see what and how you’ll do it. Your electric heater installed in the fireplace was something I had never seen done before and it looks exactly right for this build.
    And I can understand your frustration with being short of the needed wallpaper which happens to me more often than not. I now photocopy mine so that I can make it stretch in a pinch.

    • Ah, yes the photocopy routine. Our printers have been on the blink for a week or two and I think we’ve got to get a better colour printer as, when it was working its colour replication was something all of its own and, although mostly pleasant enough, it probably wouldn’t have matched up. I was too impatient to wait for the colour one to be fixed/replaced so went ahead as best as could with what I’d got by way of wallpaper. I find that if I stop for too long doing this project that it takes ages to wind it up to speed again and ‘now’ was sort of the moment to be a-doing of as it were.

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