There’s got to be that figurine


Being a Terry Pratchett fan the whole subject of that figurine brings to mind two of Mr Pratchett’s characters discussing what constitutes art and what is just plain rudery.  According to them, that if “there’s urns or a cherub in it then it’s art”.

1920s – 1950s

When it comes to depictions of Art Deco or Arte Moderne decor there seems always to be at least the one – figurine that is.  You know what I mean, I’m sure.  Our parents had one.  Yes, I’m referring to the woman.  Usually naked, sometimes portrayed with her coat/skirt trying to blow one way while she struggles in the other or she’s swooning in the arms of a tail suited gent while they sway to the rhythm of the music or she may be lying around in a bathing suit perhaps or as part of a desk set.

Sometimes she’s just an ornament with no other purpose, at other times she’s posing holding a lamp.  The one our parents had was in frosted glass affair with a pinkish base depicting rocks and a leaning/standing naked female holding up a very large chrome ‘torch’ base shape which had screw fittings to hold the flame/shade which was in yellow frosted.

I thought about ‘that woman’ figure and generally felt I’d go with the idea, but failed to make up my mind just what shape or persona she would take, until I came across this lovely little figure who is more like a car bonnet/hood mascot, not unlike the Rolls Royce flying lady.  She’s come from along with the other glass items in these photos.

And, of course I needed …


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