Joining the two piece egg


but will it fit?

Packing things in, prepping one task, waiting for it to dry/set etc meanwhile carrying on, starting another that needs to dry so, not wanting to be idle, on the side I  make a little something for one of the darker corners.

The making bit first

The drying bit – much, much later

Well, more of a trimming measuring plus drying.  Trying to put together all the walls for downstairs and get the hall/sitting room party-wall decorated on both sides.  Also the tucked in corner of the dining room doorway before it gets impossible to get a hand in. Unfortunately trimming its doorway involves making it stick to the kitchen wall too so can’t be done whilst this section is loose.

Which tasks can be done while the walls are loose and which have to be done while performing a contortionist head stand.  It’s worked out about half and half I think but I’ve missed one or two that could have been done more easily I see.

Newly dressed and fitted wall

Checking the views

More of when the house is together?

Shots from the kitchen which should match the views for the observer when the place is more complete.

First shot when house is not quite ‘parked’.  Look slightly to the right and you’ll notice a vertical line of light by the curved wall fit to the telephone corner.  Fully ‘parked’ in the second photo.

Externals when parked

theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - external view when new walls in

Seems to fit – hurrah!


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