Curved wall – silly idea


Where the movable bit meets the less mobile bit

Original design was for a curved wall in the porch which is part of the removable slice of the house, but the other side of course, puts a curved bit in the hallway too.  Looks good, gives a bit of extra Deco feel to the area, however I tried it out in white to match the door wall but didn’t much care for it and felt it ought to match the rest of the walls at the bottom of the stairs.  That meant giving the wall a skirting board – no point trying to use the same wood as rest of the hallway on the curve.  So have used cardboard for the skirt and for the top trim to the half boarding area too.

Next?  Probably make a new window for the half landing at the top of the stairs.  Was going to have a faux stained glass thing but decided to go for metal framed with astragals so that needs sorting out pronto.

ps: now using the mains 12 v electrical supply so all lights are much brighter as have been using square battery in all previous photos – think I liked it dimmer 😉



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  1. I must say, that your curved wall looked to be a bit of a challenge but you have solved it nicely. I also like the look of all of the normal activity around the telephone corner. This is just as it should be although having a skate at the foot of the stairs is an accident waiting to happen, but then these are the things which give us pause and then a chuckle and make us think about who lives here and what their various habits are. Well Done! :))

    • Many thanks. It’s going to be clues of life rather than visible figures in this house, with the exception of animals in the hallway and the dog in the sitting room. They’ll all just have to look out for the loose skate – I think the other is falling out of a box in the understairs cupboard

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