New borders and a clock


A bit here and there

This last month has been a distressing and busy time on all fronts due to a family bereavement – much travelling and paperwork.  Still lots to do and people to talk to.

But so it goes.


In the mini world

I have to say a big thank goodness for the mini‑ing as a break now and then, and also thank you for your forbearance whilst I indulged in a bundle of semi-mindless playing around as my light relief.

We’re sneaking a bit of a break from the real world’s organisational things at the moment, and I’m trying to catch up with what I was up to with the mini stuff I can still identify amongst the items abandoned on work surfaces back in mid-May.

Results of worktop archeology


  • The ‘back’ door was going to be in the kitchen so that the room had three doors, exactly the way I remember a particular house when I was a child: one from the hall, one on the pantry and one to the outside.  As a kid I was always getting told off by our Aunt for coming in too quickly from the hallway or the garden as she could easily be clobbered by a flying door or knocked on the head when trying to use the pantry.

However, once scaled down there just wasn’t enough door to wall to floor space so the ‘back’ door has moved to under the stair landing and the kitchen has now got just the two doors – one from the hall and one on the pantry.

Second bit of firstly

  • Now that the door conundrum is more or less sorted and I’ve stopped playing around as a distraction, I’ve plumped for decisions on the base/main decor in the kitchen.
  • There’s an attempt at a deco style kitchen clock and a bag of shelf supports sitting ready for use once the tiling etc is up in there.
  • With the colour scheme ‘pinned in place’ as it were, the snazzy new 50s design kitchen table has been put away for another day and the original green one has made a come-back, but with a plainer ‘Formica’ top look to it.
theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - kitchen table

Not a brilliant finish but will look better with a cup of tea and a plate of chips on it


Must have been trying out a revamp on the hallway, keeping the paper but fiddling with possible half panelling lower down.  Not sure, as yet why but no doubt it will come to me …


Am pre-laying-in wiring runs for upstairs and the rest of the ground floor so all come out at side of pantry wall at the side gable end.  This sounds more grand that it is; I’ve just put three three-gangs up and over the roofline wall and threaded their plug ends through the hole in the wall to the outer where the power block will roughly sit in the coal bunker and/or garden shed.  All in the hope that it will ease the setting up of the upstairs electrics and, at the very least, remind me where it has to end up.

Kitchen set up so far …

In order to give some sense of space I’ve removed the very small cupboard from beside the cooker with its faux heat-resistant tin enamelled top.  It may come back, will have to see.

Either way am still aiming for a kitchen that needs to reflect elements from throughout the period of 1930 – sink set up – to late 1950s.

Plan to-date, is the doors in kitchen will be green.

Next job, shelves above the cooker I think.

When next we meet

Back again, when I can, with a bit of here and there when I’m here, and not there 😉


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  1. I think that all of your angst regarding the kitchen is drawing to a close as bits and pieces of your ideas begin to all come together.
    The green clock is a lovely little detail, and with your clever modification of a button, you have added greatly to the realism.
    The continuation of the half paneling down on the lower portion of the hall is a Terrific idea; it looks right!
    I know how much time you have devoted to duplicating a personal memory and having to let go some of what you wanted for this house to suit the built is one of the down-sides of this hobby, however what you ARE able to make room for, is giving this build a truly nostalgic and vintage atmosphere, no matter where you look.
    Keep up the great work!

    and very sorry to learn of a loss of a family member. It is always a sad reality that we will loose those we love- may GOD bless and comfort you and your family.

    • Not so much angst as indecisiveness I reckon 😉
      The hall panelling? If I do it it will be a dark mushroom contrast mock boarding again I think – we’ll see

      Many thanks for your good wishes for us

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss and the difficulties that it leaves you to deal with. Thinking of you and hoping that you can gain a little relief from the anxiety and stress through your miniature work.

    I love your attention to detail and this project is so interesting to follow.
    I can’t wait to see the final product but will also be sad when it IS finshed as this is an era I love and I’m so enjoying seeing things unfold.

    • Many thanks from S and myself for your kind thoughts.

      Oh, this house is probably going to take me quite some time, though thankfully not as long as Hogepotche. I do enjoy doing it and find it’s almost an expression of social comment by remembering a time before the complete makeover and buying it all on credit etc became what one had to do to be part of society.
      Really looking forward to building the other semi with its current century fittings and take on the period.

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