Going brown


but not with the sun

As can’t fit in long enough for concentrated work I keep playing with wallpapers and lino for that dratted kitchen.  Two day’s ago I fancied one thing, today I’m thinking of something else.

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Looking more than a little odd as they’re lying on their backs on today’s fancy for lino and paper.
Have used a sample of each kind of furniture colour along with the curtain fabric.
Might do the trick?
For today 🙂

Going for a general brown feel – must take the plunge and pick one or the other of the papers and lino.  Need to toss a coin and if I feel resistant to the fall of chance I’ll know it’s the other one I’ll prefer.  Sneaky …


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  1. I reall like these, but then, I like the earlier ones too! These colours were popular in the cottages near my uncle’s farm at that time but I do agree with Zoe in that the prints seem a little more those of the late 60s onwards.
    My memory of early childhood is that town houses were lighter in decor than the rural ones, but that may have been because many of the cottage dwellers were older people and conservative in their tastes.

    • It is difficult to decide what’s what in memory and the recurring designs we’ve seen throughout our lives. The two houses I lived in up to the age of 18 were both Victorian but the decor in both was a mix of what was there until we could afford to change it and of the period from when parents married (1939) and whatever could be saved up for up to about 1963 I think when most things froze in time and place. During that time I visited friend’s houses, many of which were deco design. I saw quite a wide variety of colours and designs for f&f and internal decor. Most people didn’t use much patterned wallpaper outside the bedrooms I seem to remember and I had never lived with a wallpapered kitchen until 1979 when moving into a council house when starting a new job.

      My memory of visiting kitchens is of pokey spaces, mostly dull lino or home cut lino squares giving brighter patterns and mostly painted walls that were easily wipeable. Where there was kitchen wallpaper it was of a regular, square-ish motif, sometimes with ivy/vine(?) tendrils or brown florets that looked like tea stains. Lots of big cupboards (in the case of deco designed houses these were built in) and surprisingly more than one window. Peggy rugs if there was a fire or a range or the later plastic coiled mats.

      I’m still nibbling at it and poking around for the look I fancy. Goodness knows what it will be or how spot on for the periods covered but this house is in the here and now but kept by the residents in a slipping state of time stasis as it were. Here goes – another set to try out 😉

  2. These look good, Do, but I think you’ve had better ones in earlier posts! These seem more 60s/70s to me, I guess because they’re familiar and I was norn ’67. I have to say, I am relieved to find that someone is more indecisive than me – or shall we call it thorough?! 😉

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