To paper or not to paper


Floor seems to sit flat enough now wish to sort out the pattern traffic.

What am I looking for?

Hmmm – a mix, if possible of a 30s to 50s UK feel with the mish-mash that results from piecemeal buying, make-do-and-mend and lack of the wherewithal to renew items.

Hence the early sink arrangement, but the newer washer; the mid-50s cooker and cupboards and the late 50s table; the basic tiling and the pan storage above on the wall for the 30s to early 50s feel.  Looking for a general drab but hopeful look.

But when should we give them wallpaper in here?


There’s a large window over the sink and part of the washer so with that cut out there’s some relief from pattern, adding small squared panes though.

and on the other side of the room

On the window wall above the sink and cooker the plan is to run a high long shelf full of pans and other likely items with some tiling behind them to protect the wall.

Looking more like plain paper colouring (my wall painting being execrable) will give more freedom for the eye and reduce the pattern headache.


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  1. Perfect! I love what you have done here.

    I always wonder at the commercial brand kit houses and furniture sets of today that try to make it look as though people in bygone times just threw away all the treasured hand-me-down special pieces, or even the stuff they’d had to make do with, just because they moved to a new build. It was such an unlikely scenario and lacks realism.

    Decorating and gardening were the contributions men made to the running of the home in the 40s, 50s and 60s and it was a matter of pride to my father and his friends to ensure that the kitchen and livingroom in particular, were newly decorated every few years. Wallpaper and paint were cheap back then and one of the few things that were renewed regularly, so it wold be likely hat furniture would be from previous decades but wallpaper fairly up-to-date.

    I suggest early 50s wallpaper or plain paint in a light colour, if your home owners/renters are houseproud. Almost certainly, the wall behind the 50s cupboards at least, would have been redecorated just before such large new items were put in place.

    • Hello there Trumble’s Mum and welcome. You have a good point there about the wall with the new cupboard on it! Not to mention around the serving hatch. Hmmm. Got to think about that as the jazzy table is up against that wall. Perhaps a different colour paint effect?

  2. You are getting the look you describe spot on, Do. This is the type of kitchen I recognise from my youth where absolutely no one I knew had matching furniture. I love the way you work; jiggling things about and pondering until it all falls happily into place.

    • No one had the money but would save up for something ‘special’. Otherwise make-do-and-mend or homemade was the order of the day, wasn’t it?
      I fiddle about because I’m a fiddler I suppose 🙂

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