Evoking time and place with pattern, colour and ‘flavour’


Min-ing in the spaces in between

Today, in the glorious sunshine, the cobwebs are hanging and draping beautifully in the big house, so it’s time to sort them out.  Hence no big mini-ing today, but, as I must have my mini-ing appetite topped up it’s designated a sorting and reviewing day between the duster waving and general cleaning in the big world.


Originally I bought in a lovely patterned and brightly coloured lino card but it is so highly finished that the home-made items (which is most of them in the kitchen) don’t look right with it.  Since then I’ve printed out multiples of designs, in so many varieties of shades that it’s a case of sticking a pin in one of them and making a choice before we run out of trees.

What’s wanted then?

Two colours of tiling making a check is usual and I’ve got a nice green and off-white printed out but want to use that for the tiles round the sink and don’t want it on the floor as well.  More of that another time.

The mint green (above) looks too pale and the darker shades of that pattern might be too ‘organised’ looking(?)

Printed out a scrapbook freebie which I turned into a repeat for A4, intending to use it for the table surface instead of the dark one I’ve stuck on but realised that it might do for the floor.

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The bouncy one on the left and the possible other colour-way of the mint one on the right

Why fancy the ‘accidental’ one?

It has the bounce of a Deco design about it and the colours act as a pick-me-up for the whole room without taking over like the original bought card colouring and pattern.  And it clashes with the wallpaper but in a nice way 😉

Doesn’t the pattern on the left make you think of wrap-around aprons?

I sound as though I’ve made my mind up – well, at least for today.

Back to the vacuuming 🙂


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