Glorious morning in the garden


Lots to cut back even this early in the season, taking photos as I pass by with my secateurs.

the garden pictures will enlarge if you click on them 😉

Fresh growth with a glow


Apple blossom and busy friend

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Meanwhile in the post today …

all the way from Twelve Times More Teeny in Spain came these lovely items.


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  1. I love the Spring but this year, here in western Canada, the weather patterns have been so erratic that the poor plants don’t seem to know if they’re coming or going, so seeing the new growth in your garden is encouraging 🙂
    I ADORE blue and white transfer-ware and your new arrivals from Spain, brighten up the day to feel like Fair Weather! 😀

    • Is the weather continuing to be erratic, bouncing from winter to almost summer with you? It seems we’ve been a little luckier and we’ve got a week of fairly settled Spring-like temperatures but suddenly no rain!
      The willow pattern is something we had at home when I was a kid and I fancied a reminder, particularly the plates 😉

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