Musings on fighting a banana


It’s the stairs

Working away a bit at a time on the hallway but getting different levels time and again.  And then I looked at the staircase – bent as a …

If you lay it on its back flat side down, the two ends are in the air.  If you bend it (with or without steam) it’s back to bent within the day.  So I’m working with it.  I flatten it and do what’s needful.  In this case I want a small, plain skirt edging to both sides; one to give an edge at the wallpaper side and one to provide a straight support (and edge) within the solid bannister that I’ve decided to have.

Possible further action?
May have to cut through the backing hardboard to release the pull and encourage it to stay flat rather than expecting just gluing it in place against the wall and its supports to do the job alone.

et voila the banana

theinfill dolls house blog 1930s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - staircase

Weighted down at one end (top pic) you can see the other end way off straight (btm pic)

Think that, when flat, the stairs meet the quarter landing fairly at the level and am going ahead with that assumption.


The wall over the stairs is a long drop for wallpapering whether full size or mini.  How many joins do I need?  How will I disguise them?  I’ve chosen a wallpaper that comes in a large size as opposed to A4 but it’s not quite long enough to do the full drop.

It’s also a busy pattern, with old style colours (mostly) but with perhaps too modern a twist to them(?)

To go with it I’ve a mid brown runner carpet for hallways and stairs and a somewhat sickly woodwork colouring which reminds me of 50s ladies underwear perhaps.  May try out a different wallpaper, something more nebulous but equally as busy looking and see how that feels.

For the moment it’s this:

Upper wall

Going for an embossed strip at the head of the walls here, probably in white but possibly off white, above the doorways downstairs.  Would like to put a sort of Delft rack – but no Delft on it instead have plates handed down in the imaginary family arranged on it, so that their background is the embossed paper.

theinfill dolls house blog 1930s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - hallway plate rack

Some examples of what might go on this shelf but against the floral paper at the moment – photo should enlarge a little if clicked.
The second from the right is one of those semi-3D scenes that seemed to be everywhere when I was a kid.
Dunno if the plans will work but will give them a go 😉




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