Might have worked it out


(a hasty hit and run piece from my very poorly computer)

Leaning in place

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - reshaping an Deco house - sitting room firplace and over mirror

Sticking with the wonky tiling but made the fireplace deeper (will be easier to spot when all tiled). The mirror will be slightly higher and may have a bit of metallic ornamentation down the sides, who know.

As you can see I got the second light in eventually after arguing with the guide wire which kept coming out, and both lights seem to be working at the moment.  Thinking of putting a bookcase under the light on the left giving a flat top to put the odd statuette or vase on.


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  1. I Absolutely agree that sometimes you have to make adjustments and/or re-adjustments as you go, but hang onto those mirror side panels because judging from the photos above, the splay of the fan shape is the correct width for the fireplace and the Perfect compliment to your wall lamps. 🙂

    • Sorry but have removed them as felt wanted earlier mirror and the bigger fan was more mid-50s – 6os. The deed is done and I’ll put ‘things as yet unknown’ on the mantelpiece each side I reckon.

  2. Lighting always seems to be a crap-shoot; sometimes it’ll co operates nicely and sometimes it won’t. Arguing ( read: pleading) with it seldom works for me, but I am Very Glad that it did for you!
    I think that your mirror is a Wonderful shape and size and looks Great over your tiled fireplace too.

    • Many thanks for you v kind comment – sorry to say I’ve made the mirror smaller with less panels; might have to build it again if it’s now too small I suppose but won’t really be able to judge till fireplace and hearth are complete. The lighting is really hit and miss isn’t it? Am running these two off a battery at the moment and when (you note not ‘if’) they fail I’m never sure if it’s the bulbs need tapping for the connection or the battery or the wiring that may have a shaky connection. At one point this afternoon I decided that if they want to be moody about it then I’m fine with it. They work or they don’t work and I’m not chasing after them. Until next time 🙂
      Thanks so much for dropping

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