Fridge frolic


mumble mumble

Truth be known, still putting off building the sitting room fireplace.  Keep setting out to try to make own and failing miserably to reach the starting gate.

Lost my ‘try it and see’ general nerve about building furniture and am now fussing around for no reason ‘cos this build would like a fridge and a cooker but, for me they have to ‘taste’ right according to my memory, so am going to need to be up for making those too.

and stop with the flapping!

What, for instance, is it I think I’m looking for in a fridge for instance?

Well, chubby frontage, possibly a lever handle (I have a hazy memory of catching the fleshy outer edge of my hand in one of those at least once), little feet, motor at the bottom, not too high with a slightly rounded top. Oh, and it must be cream.

Play and waste time making something else.

Wasting time using waste

There’s nothing to lose and might gain a fridge or at least get a clearer image of what a compromise may be  and will definitely gain time to think about the fireplace again.

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - reshaping an Deco house - 1950s style of fridge

The sort of rounded profile with lever handle that I’m looking for in mini (from Google search re 50s fridge – link goes to …?)

Scraps of card and foamboard

Tried to get a painted metal finish to the door with continuous sanding and repainting.  Better than might be but not quite …

Apologies, forgot to take photos of waistband loop before bending one prong and dressing it up.  Had been going to use the back plate as a handle back plate but didn’t in the end.

What have I got?

  • I’ve called it ‘AirChill’ and t’s 4.5″ tall, will, thank goodness, have its rather rough sides hidden behind various open doors.
  • Has a rounded top but plenty flat enough to take a food mixer or scales.
  • Quite like its shape in profile.  Finish not as would have liked.  Still needs a touch-up here and there.
  • Definitely cream.

Feel a little better about facing the fireplace conundrum?  Yup.

What more could a girl ask for?

PS: apologies, written in haste as computer about to go phut in a big way


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  1. I’m a Big Fan of your new Old Fridge, yet I NEVER would have guessed it was made of foam core! That in itself is Inspiring!
    You managed to get the shape of your fridge right too – love it as well as reading your requirement of it being “flat enough to hold a mixer or scales”- ABSOLUTELY!
    Great Job! 😀

    • Ah. That may take a little time – am re-thinking the whole thing as don’t like the uneven tiling and not so sure about the shape either! It’s go to be done but … thinking 😉

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