Slow work but progress


Going for the dark side
with Deco and Utility

Story so far …

This house is stuck in a time warp somewhere way back when; roughly in the location of planet 1930s, spread out through time and space, with some parts that may be orbiting just short of the 1960s nebula.

A hint at the internals

Forget all the white walls and paintwork and simple layout to be found in TV programs set in the period such as the Hercule Poirot stories (see links below).

Am going for an ordinary domestic home inhabited by those who have striven to move from the terraces of the industrial north into a pleasant semi that may have a little garden – and then they’ve saved up to buy the bit of ‘flash’ decor they’ve always fancied.  There are still lots of open fireplaces, lots of people smoking, not much in the way of white paintwork if any; (too reminiscent of whitewash perhaps?).  But there’s browns and fawns and greys aplenty – good practical colours for doors and skirting boards.  Been trying to hold on to that thought and not give in too much to the urge to liven things up a little other than with odd bits of Deco flash and fancy.

Trying out the darker look

As you can see the wallpaper is lilac/greys with black and maroon.  The ribbon, however, is purple, lilac and brown.  Along with the woodwork colour it gives a slightly nauseous look – I think I like it.

Then I’ve had a go at Inventory

Getting there with furniture and lighting I think, all now sorted either in their box per room with large bits floating around un-boxed and all electrics together.  Having second thoughts about the beds and may possibly splash out and make all four beds from Jane Harrop kits (Utility style) as they are less chunky than the ones I’ve got.  So far I seem to have collected a right mix of ‘in the style of’ the period and actual vintage items.  Which, of course means that they’re a bit of a mix in scale too, mostly 1:12 but half a dozen of 1:16 I think.

In other news …

Still brooding over the fireplace but perhaps once the hearth is built it will all become as clear as day 😉
and I’ve finally remembered to put a matt varnish on the black painted floor in the room that’s being worked on.  It’s only taken me two months to get round to it.

… and generally?

All recovered now from the dreaded lurgy which has been plaguing the neighbourhood, but am currently tearing out what little hair I have left over my v poorly laptop, nursing it along, listening to it making its sad little noise as it drops the USBs in succession etc.  Hopefully the refurbished tower computer (first ordered before Christmas) is soon going to arrive (for the third time) and all will finally be well.

to a lighter
brighter side of Art Deco

Fougeron Architecture   – Hercule Poirot and Modernism

Interiors for BBC Poirot series




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  1. That ribbon looks as if it had been made exclusively for your wall paper, and I also love the look of your modified wall light too! What a difference lighting makes to the general ambiance.:D


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