Pulling out of warp


Nearly made it!

Wanting to build more cheaply this time if possible (ha ha) I decided on foam board.  5 mm Kapa-line board to be exact as it is less prone to distortion over time (though the advice I’ve seen is really talking about much smaller models – proper models in fact).  I also knew that I’d need to glue cross battens along the walls (very useful for holding wallpapered inner panels and hiding any wiring) to encourage the foam board to stay ‘square’ when its ends and sides are fixed and also if it has some sides floating in the air, such as in the photo below .

A question of timing

Now, you can start with the best of warp resisting materials but knowing that I never consistently cut square when needed, nor glue square etc etc etc this was a gamble at my best of times and the master plan needed doing smoothly and as quickly as was possible.  I’m talking a cake’s slice section of the house made up of most of the frontage, down most of one side and containing the sitting room and master bedroom; so not very big but there are major corners and tie-ins that, with my gift for inconsistency have the odd undue pressure here and there that required assistance.  I’d done most of them and some will have to be masked later, but was progressing through the plan.  Christmas was looming and I figured that 10 days, though a gamble would be OK to leave it.

Not the best of times

But it’s been nearly 8 weeks since I could continue with the actual build due to a bout of this and that, so what was there has had time to sit in varying winter temperatures and moisture levels and do its thing all by itself.

All I can say is that with the long ignoring of its needs I’m lucky I’m not returning to a total corkscrew of a house section.

Been chicken about the wallpaper

but finally had to get down to it as there was nowhere else to go with it at present.

Next up?

Decide on the fireplace for this room as not that happy with half-done one. Then need to do it so that can work around the chimney breast with wallpaper and keep trotting round to the third wall of this section of the house.


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