Fireplaces and a good bonfire needed


The bonfire bit

Still clearing space for this reconditioned computer rolling my way.  I’ve used laptops for oh so many years and now I need elbow space for a tower, screen and keyboard.  Doing this has driven me to the darker corners of the room where ‘stuff’ is lurking from when I was teaching IT  for the local FE college.  It’s all handouts and I’d kept them as references/reminders on how something works in a program or code as it’s easier to find the information in my carefully filed ‘how to’ notes than to go through books or online.  But the time has come …  Shredding is such dusty work.  Hence the sudden wish for a bonfire, which isn’t really going to happen round here.

The fireplace bit – mini-ing

But first the flooring

I did play with the idea of parquet throughout but decided on ordinary floor boarding because I fancied having non-fitted carpets and either lino or painted boarding around whatever rug is put down.  It should also work out cheaper I think.  The sitting room is boarded but has black painted surrounds to the carpets and rugs that will be used.

Things are at the stage of gluing walls together in the slice of cake bit and while those are drying I’ve been playing with a fireplace.  Important things, fireplaces.  Their position, how much they stick into the room, how much they need to look recessed into the wall, how much they (plus their hearth) are going to eat up of the flooring …

I’ve bought three sheets of one inch card tiling for the fireplaces (and possibly the bathroom); one cream with fawn/brown marbling, one marbled greens and one marbled pinks.  I know the tiles are too big but loved the finish and so am cutting them up as needed.  One sheet is going to go an awfully long way as you can see with the sitting room fireplace half completed.  It’s possibly a little small, not sure but will wait till the wallpaper is on to make a final judgement on it, I think.


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