Checking out the slice of cake theory


Outer walls –quick dry run
seeing if the planned reveal idea works

Busy labelling all parts of this build including which bits face in and which out.  Dry build seems to me to need at least two pairs of hands.

The front view gives us the small bedroom and leaves bit more wall downstairs creating a lobby hall table and phone area I hope.

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - reshaping an Deco house -exploring the reveal

Sitting room and front bedroom slice removed giving views down through open doors of upper and lower hallways to
the bathroom and kitchen at the back (which have their own full reveal there on back wall)
The whole of the downstairs hallway and small lobby to the side can be viewed as well as the complete view of the back bedroom and dining room.

Need to cut in the walls to the ground floor boarding and to mark up the first floor level all round. Can then double layer the walls and floor/ceilings for electrics.

Haven’t yet cut out the roof but have been advised that it would probably have 40 degree pitch from the horizontal so have worked out the height of the building at the ridge (29.5”).  At the moment I’ve cut both side walls the same height as the frontage (and backage come to that) but the mid wall between the second semi needs to go all the way to the ridge eventually.  The next door semi shares the roof ridge.

Running out of elbow room here so moving some things to the dining room table (the real one).


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