The windows are coming two by two

  • well, so far.

More of the glazing
but at least they’re not curved

Still side-stepping my bad woodworking ‘skills’ and am going with a card template inner using 1400 micron mountboard which will be encased between wood-strip pieces (as used for the two bay windows).

You’ve never seen so much face pulling and concentration as when I’m cutting out windows.  I don’t actually have my tongue hanging out to the side but I do clamp my lips folded firmly between my teeth and frown and twist my whole face as if someone was pulling out a deeply embedded thorn from my foot.  Such a waste of energy!  Breathing and relaxed concentration would be much better, surely?  Zen and the art of …

Even wearing my special twisty face for the first window, a single for by the front door, I made a mess of it.  Far too fragile all by itself.  It twisted under my hand as there wasn’t enough to hold down firmly, whilst gently cutting with scalpel as upright as possible etc.  It’s 1 and 5/16ths of an inch wide, so I was asking for trouble.

My line drawing even with a rule is just as bad as usual, so please pretend you can’t see it.

Hence two by two.  It was always intended to produce more of the same size for around the house whilst I still had the measurements to hand, but why I didn’t think of doing them in multiples at the same time on the same piece of card we will never know.  Anyhow here are the first pair.

Think there might be a need for a further four at this size and probably three or four for the larger window above the front door – one for the kitchen and  the back bedroom and possibly some version of one for the dining room too.  Can’t now remember how many windows there are in the kitchen, but then there’ll also be a slightly different shape one needed for the bathroom as well.  Must dig out more card and more knife blades with fresh new points.

Where are we up to now?


And the cut out bits?

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - reshaping an Art Deco house -windows for the front

Well, I’m sure after a rub down all round there must be somewhere that’s going to need some tiling done


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