House, what house?


One can only dream

(Couldn’t resist above link which is to a 60s programme
but it used to be a Sunday lunch-time radio programme way back when

Windows continued – where’s this house?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a modular kind of gal.  Hogepotche Hall was built not unlike a stack of shipping containers with their own removable viewing walls.  Here, for the first time, I must get my head around a house in more or less one piece – the house not my head.  Wariness is understandable:  I’m not frightened by the ideas I come up with but am often scared silly when carrying them out.  Am I using the awkward squad of the 1930s bays to hide behind at the moment?  They certainly do seem to have posted me through a black hole where time and space are not as we know it.

and both in need of a gentle rub down and a coat of paint

Used paper strips to hold them in and then, when those were dry, covered them with wood strip of a suitable size, along with the odd verticals over the back area in a couple of places matching the frame.  Feels fairly sturdy on the large area but careful handling on the curve will always be needed.

The everlasting bay windows

As you may be able to tell from the photos, I’ve given up on the one pane at a time glazing, ripped out what was already done, and turned to the originally rejected idea of sticking the acetate on in as close to one piece as possible, totally ignoring the careful rebating that I’d added.  It had to be done though as these windows were definitely becoming the only show in town.


Having got that off my chest, on Thursday we picked up the end of season wallpaper sample books from the local hardware store and I’ve had a lovely time playing with them.  Not being much of a wallpaper person these days, I hadn’t come across the textured large-flowered woven finishes.  Quite amazing, like a glimpse into bits of Brighton Pavilion’s Chinese pictorial wallpaper – there must be something I could do with them?

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - playing with wallpaper books

Any ideas?

I did find selecting what might be interesting from the books set me off on a different track or two, totally losing touch with the theme of the moment.  Back on planet earth I realised that there was very little suitable for the current ‘show’ and having now discovered that there’s not a lot in the store cupboard either for a 1930s – 50s house, I need to move sharpish.

Thus, whilst windows are sitting around drying, I find myself fighting the colour printer as I try to make something based on very hazy memories from childhood of the colours that surrounded life in the 50s. Probably everything I’ll think of will be strangely distorted by the kaleidoscope of time but I do have the very strong  impression that most things had a uniform nicotine colouring to them, hence the use of yellowy marbled paper.

I hear the call of glazing and wallpapering, followed by clearing up so that large sheets of building material can be set out for a little cutting!  Is that possibly the distant scent of a proto house on the air?


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