Two pegs to hang a house on


The shaped bay and windows

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The general shape of window am working towards – that’s a lot of curving glass with no vertical support

Working with unknowns

As the actual shaping depends on the management of the materials I’m playing with it’s probably wiser for me to start with the window.  I’d rather not force the windows to fit the bay.  Hopefully I can get two windows more or less the same sorted and from there try for a bay that fits.

and (I hope) a known

The bay material (foam board) should be more predictable and I think I know most of how to go about it.

Curved window

1st go

Working with a sort of inner core template for the window framing. Then intend to add thin wood strip built on this shape, at least on the flat bits, adding rigidity and a lip for the window acetate to sit against wherever possible.

Just feeling my way through I’m using some fine corrugated card for the inner layout, mainly because I know that it bends easily and it will give me a guideline to work to (or not work to!).  Actually bought the card ‘cos I’ve a yen for a roll fronted cupboard and I know this Kraft board might be of use there – and because it’s cheap too 😉

Have moved the left-hand strut (the side of the open window) further to left to help prevent the curve sagging too much in cardboard, though won’t be using an open window I should think.

Cutting out the window panes was easier than I feared but it’s not as easy to sand away the excess fine trails of paper that hang around.  Also failed to add in enough for the length on the curve so am a little short of the overall width in this first try.  Would like to have a go in different, neater core material so will cut this second attempt wider.

If all else fails the width across the bay window can be a bit of a moveable feast between 7.5” and 8” as it would be possible to add in extra brickwork each side, though would much prefer to get it more accurately sized instead.

How to tackle the curve

I wanted to use what I had to hand so used strips of recycled packing paper to build up the curve back and front a little and give it some rigidity.  It will still need a better outer finish and more control of the bulkiness of the papier-mache attempts.

Will persevere and see how neat and sturdy it can be made.  Am going to need a former for the curve as an effort to keep the two windows and the bayed walling a reasonable fit.  So far I’ve used my Fimo rolling pin but it’s not long enough for more than one section at a time I think.

2nd go

Am surprised how deep the bay is – probably larger than in the original example, but, in doll’s house terms, that might be useful for the odd bit of furniture if I give the wall some flooring depth there.

Will let you know how this and its twin get on as and when I stop juggling with the newly curling wood.  If I can get the two windows more or less the same and make a bay then the house may actually be a ‘go’.



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