A little cupboard hunting


As a break from looking at building details and wooden furniture I had a sudden fancy for more colour and started chasing down crockery, porcelain, vases and ornaments.  There’s so much to choose from pattern-wise, from the Clarice Cliff to the Utility coloured which I always makes me think of staff rooms as the teachers’ used it when I was at infant/junior school.  It came in blue, green, a very pleasant primrose or pink I believe. Then I came to my senses and I  used my head for once and opened my own cupboards.  Here’s a few examples of odd bits:  some I suspect might be repros and possibly more of them will be 1950s rather than 30s.

Full sized examples hiding out at home

I’ve included pics of the base of each for those interested in markings 😉

Used to have a few bits of Laburnum but during a clear out years back I only kept the jug.  The green sugar bowls (a later repro I think) I use as dessert dishes.  There’s a bit of a yellow to red theme going here but I do have the odd blue decorated item somewhere.

Now the page looks like a crockery catalogue!  But it’s given me lots to think about if I end up decorating or making some bits.


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    • (Big smile here too) Dresses and coats in the wardrobe – ah it meant you’d grown up enough for the clothes to big enough to hang up. Nearly all ours that I can remember were green covered, but there might have been a caramel one(?)

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